Loughmiller Motors



Black, tan cloth interior, straight 8 flathead, 3 speed, 4 door, steel wire wheels, running boards, one family owned

Original throughout & one family-owned. This is a true survivor, as it was stored in a closed garage for the last 30 plus years. Original dual side mounts, wire wheels w/original center disc/caps, original interior with original upholstery from 1931 & the headliner is still up and door panels and side curtains are still in place. It also has the original straight-8 flathead engine with the manual transmission. The engine turns freely w/the starter (I have not yet tried to start the engine yet but I will ASAP and report the results back to this ad.) It looks to be the original black paint, w/no rust outs, just minor surface rust here and there on the exterior paint. The windshield cranks open (upward) w/the crank above the rear-view mirror. All glass is crystal clear with absolutely no hazing or separation with the exception of a small 3" crack in the bottom corner of the front windshield on the passenger side. The wiper is electric, and it has only one wiper arm/blade from the factory. It has beveled glass exterior mounted wind diverters on the front doors. It has a working rear mounted trunk rack. The front and rear bumpers are in good condition but do need rechromed. All of the windows crank up and down easily and the felts are still in the window channels. The rear mounted quilt/blanket rack is still in place and there's legroom in the backseat area for a bunch of 7' basketball players. There is also a foot rest bar mounted to the base of the front seat directly below the blanket rack. The grill and the radiator are in excellent condition and the radiator chrome shell is nice but needs replated as do the headlight buckets. The engine seems to be 100% complete... the water pump is off of the car and in the backseat floorboard with all necessary bolts in a box. I plan to Loop the radiator hoses and fill the engine with antifreeze and try starting it over the next few days using an external gas can as a temporary gas tank to alleviate the chance of sucking up something bad from the tank. A set of wide white walls would really set this car off. All 4 tires hold air for several days so far. The two side mount tires will not air up... they are pretty well dry-rotted and stuck in the shape they are in. The roof insert (cloth backed vinyl) is intact but it has several bad places in it.