Loughmiller Motors


1955 CHEVY
This '55 was bought by the last owner over 25 years ago and drove it home. Since then it has been stored inside of his home garage and/or his business building for all of those 25+ years . . . AND NOW FOR THE REST OF THE STORY . . . The last owner bought it and like we all do he took it apart to restore it. He put the '55 in his business shop in Joplin, Mo. and as he took the parts off he took them to a local restoration/bodyshop to restore them. Well as most of us might remember an F-5 tornado roared through Joplin, Missouri in 2011 killing 161 people and devastating the southern/center section of Joplin. The last owner''s home made it through the tornado but his friend''s bodyshop and garage were blown away and demolished along w/all of the '55 Chevy parts. Parts that were lost include: Hood, both doors, deck lid, engine and transmission, all interior parts and a multitude of misc. parts. What I have to sell is a solid '55 Chevy 2-dr. Hardtop body on a rolling chassis. Steering is complete and operational minus the steering wheel. The rear quarters are rock solid and original as is the top. The fenders and inner fenders are in great condition also and are not attached to the car. The door and trunk hinges are still attached to the car. The trunk floor is rock solid and the passenger floorpan is solid but it has had some heavy-duty patches welded into place to cover 2 or 3 small areas and there are some pinhole rust spots here and there but they are very minor. The body braces are solid as is the frame. The chrome hardtop door flippers are in place and in good condition and they are in good working order on both sides. The front clip is bare w/the exception of the suspension and steering. The dash is intact and the instrument cluster is in place as are the heater controls, light switch, steering column (minus the steering wheel), glove box door and wiper switch.