Loughmiller Motors


Retro-fitted with a 94 Chevy Impala fuel injected 350 & its 4L 60 E tranny. I have owned this car for 17 years or more and its been garaged the whole time. The car was a California car before I purchased it. I have wanted to stage the car with all the parts/pieces in place & the exterior paint surface primed w/a turquoise tinted primer since early spring and here it is coming on summer, but I just can't seem to find the time to do it... soooo here are the pictures of the NOMAD just as it looks today--11/20/19. If time permits I would like to add that color to the Nomad exterior & loosely install all or most of the parts & pieces & add those pics to this ad. The body is in excellent condition w/NO rust outs & No areas chucked full of Bondo other than finish Bondo & the right rear quarter was replaced before I bought the car and its in very good condition with no rust outs just surface rust. The floorboards are in great shape w/only very very minor pinhole rust in the passenger rear floorpan tub area & just 2 localized dime sized rust holes in that area. I had pulled the carpet out 17 years ago and it had been glued to the floorboards, that's what all the fuzzy looking stuff is on the floorboards in some of the pictures and I have since removed that fuzzy residue and thats what the black painted looking stuff is on the floor (just glue residue that turned black as we rubbed it off). The original frame & body braces which connect the frame to the body along both sides are all in excellent original condition. The rockers on both sides are original & good and solid. The rear end is original but I had it converted into a 4:11 posi years ago & the driveshaft is hooked up to it & the tranny. The fifty-five still has its original drum brakes at all four corners. It comes w/rollers or for an extra $300 you can roll it onto your trailer w/the older American 5 spoke (flower petal) wheel/tire combo. I just put in a new fuel tank and sending unit and injectors a couple months ago. The engine runs fine but needs the exhaust completed from the exhaust manifolds on back. I recently hooked up the LoKAR shift cable to the transmission and I left the interior part of the cable loose under the dash & you can shift gears by pulling or pushing on the cable from the drivers seat to allow you to lot drive/load the NOMAD. I also have the original shifter rod linkage that hooks to the pivot point on the frame. I have both of the front and rear seats that were nicely recovered before I bought the Nomad. They were done in light gray vinyl w/a narrow accent band of turquoise vinyl, but squirrels got to the back and side of the front seat while it was stored in the attic of my shop. The door panels are covered in the same material as are the side panels in the rear. The white headliner is in great shape and is original. I have lots of newly chromed or nice original Chrome for the car including the front & rear bumpers, but I do not have any of the eyebrow or front fender moldings. The Nomad has an excellent body w/no rust-outs but the turquoise & ivory paint is in need of a repaint...Or drive it like it is as a RAT-ROD. The right quarter panel was replaced before I bought it due to an accident & that quarter has no glass installed in it but I do have all 3 of the glasses (but the sliding glasses are cracked but good for a pattern), the proper rubber seals/molding (yes even the curved corner glass). Just wrestle up some time to checkout the brakes, hook up the shifter more permanent & bolt in the seats AND YOU CAN HIT THE ROAD!

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