Loughmiller Motors



This little 1960 Corvair four-door sedan has w/what seems to be the original 6-cylinder & dash lever shifted automatic transmission & it lot runs and drives. We just got it in, & it has the original chrome dog- dish hubcaps and brand new black wall radial tires all the way around. The body of the car is black and the top is white and it looks to be ORIGINAL PAINT with no rust outs. It was supposedly parked in the mid '70s where it remained until just recently. And the floor pans and trunk pan up (front) are original and are in excellent condition. The original benchseat interior is 100% intact w/1960s style seat covers still partially covering the backseat and the back of the front seat and it has a different style cover on the front seat bottom. The headliner is the original headliner but it is faded & has a small area of deterioration in the drivers front corner. All four doors open and shut as they did in the 60s and all the glass in the car is good w/no wiper marks in the windshield. It shined up like like a new car with just a light buff using turtle wax (no harsh compounds) & now at a few steps back it looks like a new car!! There are nicks & minor blemishes here and there around the car. The front trunk area looks like 1960 & its not been made over or redone... it just looks brand new... It even has the gas fired heater that looks the same as it did in 1960. This little Corvair would make a fun family classic car on the cheap with very little effort and/or extra expense. The Corvair presently runs on gas being fed to the carburetor via a gas jug and a rubber gas line hooked to the carburetor gas Inlet. I will check out the fuel pump, gas tank & gas lines as time permits. The brake pedal is hard but either the brake wheel cylinder(s) or master cylinder are/have not broken loose from sitting for such a long time (but the car rolls freely) and the emergency brake works very well & stops the car easily while driving around the lot.