Loughmiller Motors


6 cylinder 3 speed... not running. It will come w/a good Kansas title w/our business name on the front. Very solid & complete minus the radiator. No body rust-outs and I have yet to find any previous damage or Bondo on the truck. The wheels at all four corners are sharp looking Keystone 15" chrome mags w/195/65R15's tires ( the tires are older but do hold air). All of the glass is good & there are no wiper marks on the windshield. The tailgate itself has a little bit of rust around the Pivot Point on the passenger side. The back bumper is good and straight but the front painted bumper will need straightened or replaced and the chrome grille has some minor bends in it but it could be straightened. The bed floor is good but it is covered w/surface rust. The floorboard in the cab is good with no rust-outs. The seats will definitely need to be covered as most of the seat material is missing or old & weathered. The instrument cluster is complete and intact and the rest of the dash is pretty much original. The truck came from the Springdale Arkansas Area and was used at some time for a hardware store there--- the Dale's Hardware script can still be seen faintly on the drivers door & across the front of the truck just under the windshield....pretty neat patina.