Loughmiller Motors


V8 (it looks like a 260 or a 289), automatic, turquoise exterior w/medium blue cloth interior, RUNS & DRIVES very well and it is really a hard top (no Center Post). This is just a good looking fun driving Cruiser. It has a super nice headliner and sun-visors. The door panels are in nice driver condition. All of the glass is in good shape w/no cracks. The front bumper and grill are in great condition and the back bumper is also but it is painted silver...it looks nice at a few steps back. All of the windows crank up and down with ease. The radio works as do the lights, blinkers, horn, gas gauge, interior lights and oil pressure gauge. The power steering is what I call finger-tip power steering...very sensitive and easy to steer. The exterior trim is all intact and in good to really good shape. The finned style wheel and tire combo look good w/the car and the tires are in good drivable condition but they are older. ANY OTHER WHEEL/TIRE COMBOs PICTURED ARE FOR STAGING PURPOSES ONLY AND DO NOT COME WITH THE CAR. The paint is an older single stage paint but it shines like a new penny when waxed & polished but will fade w/weather and time due to the older single stage paint. The wheel and tire combo are 15" turbine style alloys. There are seatbelts up front on the bench seat...I will have to recheck about rear seatbelts. And yes there are a few blemishes but nothing that you notice until you get up close and really look it over....remember this is not a 'TV car auction' quality car...just a nice driver. My thinking is that if you want a really nice show car to set in your garage and look at and not drive, then you are better off leaving your money in the bank...driver quality cars are IT. The 64 does have some rust in the floorboards but the rust is plated over w/tin/sheet metal...our underside pics will depict these areas. The trunk floor is rusty in several areas but nothing that can't be covered w/sheet metal and then carpeted. I will if time permits stage the 64 w/another set of wheels and tires...these are for staging purposes only and the car will be sold w/the turbine style wheels and tires.