Loughmiller Motors



Same owner and garaged for the past 30+ years. Six cylinder w/automatic (transmission just professionally rebuilt). The '66 runs, drives and stops well. Factory parchment vinyl bench seat interior--the bench seat w/the fold-down center armrest is a not so common option---in nice condition (one seam separation in the drivers bottom), newer top in great shape, chrome spoked mustang hubcaps, the bumpers are nice and shiny but the back one has a little imperfection towards the passenger side end---I plan to replace that bumper w/a like new bumper and if it's not installed before it's sold it will go w/the '66---the exterior repaint is the original Ford color 'EMBER GLOW METALLIC'---It cleaned up nicely and it looks great at 30' back. There are some paint/rust bubbles around the drivers rear wheel well and at the same on the passenger side, but it has popped through in a few place there (our pics will show these two areas). The floorboards are solid but have been repaired by someone w/flat heavy gauge metal welded in place w/the old rusted area having been cut out in the front floor area and in the rear the flat metal was again welded in place but the old rusted pan is exposed from underneath...all in all the panning and underside 'convertible support structure' appear to be solid/rigid. The doors align well w/the body lines and they open and close w/ease and there are no signs of the doors ever sagging or dragging. All of the glass is good and the soft top back glass/plastic is clear and pliable.