Loughmiller Motors


Original factory four-speed car with 350 engine. This is a True ‘SS’ with original factory build sheet from under the back seat w/Matching VIN plate and DATA plate. The engine was toast years ago and it has no engine with the car now but it does have the Muncie four-speed transmission… I’ll check numbers to see if it matches later, it’s supposed to match. It has brand new fenders, ‘SS’ hood, decklid and brand new full quarters... They were all still in boxes when I bought the car a few weeks back & I have since put the deck lid on and I plan to stage the car with the fenders and hood in place loosely. All original bright chrome exterior window trim is in place on the car & its the nice stainless trim not the cheap dull looking aluminum trim. The car also comes with the hood cast iron louver inserts (complete w/the underside mounting plates and spin nuts). It comes with the original taillight assemblies w/the trim. And if I’m not mistaken it has both headlights w/their buckets...I’ll check and report back to ad. It has a complete grill assembly with the headlight bezels but the plastic trim between the bumper and the grill is broken and just partially there. The original bumpers are in excellent condition with nice driver quality chrome. The pictures will show the original bucket seat interior condition. All glass is good and in place and all windows crank up and down as they should. The original keys fit all (3) locks & the ignition & the locks all work. As far as body rust goes the rust is limited to the lower rear quarters & around the fender wells...pics will detail this rust. The rockers are original and in excellent condition. The floor pans are great except for a small 3” x 4” soft/rusted out area in the drivers rear floor tub.