Loughmiller Motors


I just pulled this car from a commercial building warehouse where it had been sitting for the past 10 to 15 years or longer... possible time capsule??!! The car had only one dented area when I bought the car late in the evening & tbenext morning when I arrived to winch it out of the old building the two 'good old guys' had already dragged it out of the tight quarters bumping everything along the way to the outside, thus the damage along both sides (#**#). The license plate on the car was from 1983 & the odometer shows 49,000 miles. The windshield is broken but intact & all the other glass is good. I nudged the ignition switch & engine turned over freely and the air-conditioner system still has a full charge of R-12 Freon... that was amazing & the AC compressor clutch was still free. The front and rear floor pans and trunk pan look like 1980. And behind the back seat we found the build sheet from 1979. There is zero rust on the body & underside. The T-top seals and the door seals & the trunk seals are all soft and pliable and not ripped or torn.

I am in the south east corner of Kansas & in trailering the car home it got a good glaze of ice on it so I am putting it in my garage today 2/28/19 to let it thaw...What can I say its Kansas 70 one day 20 the next.

Over the next day or so Ill get back out to the car and check it out thoroughly and report back to this ad or if you wish give me a call anytime seven days a week up until 11 PM central my cell phone number is 620-249-7977. I run a small car dealership and have for the past 32 years and late-model cars are my main business and the classic cars are my hobby.... looking for and finding those classic /muscle car /hot rods /rat rods is my HOBBY. I bought this car at 11:30 at night 40 miles from my house...I dont watch TV at night, I look for, find and buy old cars.