Loughmiller Motors


It's complete and looks to be completely ORIGINAL AND it's 99% RUST FREE, 3-speed, 6-cylinder. The engine and complete drivetrain are intact and the engine turns easily w/the hand-crank. There's no reason in my mind why the engine won't start after I change the oil and replace the plugs/wires/cap/rotor/points. Available w/the truck for an extra fee is an original factory short block from GM bought back in '45-'46 still packed in the 'original' old thin wooden slat style shipping crate (still completely assembled and packaged as it was from the factory in '45-'46)---supposedly bought by the original owner when he bought the truck in '45-'46---he did this because 1) he owned the Chevrolet dealership 2) WWII had just ended or was ending and he thought that it still might be hard later on to get a block if something were to happen to the engine. He was worried because of the total unavailability of metal during World War Ii (Metal was scarce or unavailable and no one knew how long or if that shortage would continue after the war.) It is a complete short block. It has minor surface rust from being in storage but it looks to be completely usable w/a machine shop clean-up, the original handcrank came with the truck, all glass is good, NO RUST-OUTS ----THIS TRUCK BODY AND BED IS ONE OF THE STRAIGHTEST AND MOST RUST-FREE THAT I'VE EVER SEEN , just minor surface rust on the body and on the frame. Generator & starter have been rebuilt, the wooden bed floor and the metal dividers are complete---but the wood is weathered. The bed sides are solid and not beat up at all, and the tailgate is solid as are the pivot points on the tailgate/bed. The tailgate shows no CHEVROLET script and the backside is flat/smooth w/the bed surface when lowered, the dash is complete and intact, The door handles and window cranks are all in place and work as they should...a little lubricant on the door latches and on the window regulators will go a long ways tomorrow. The brakes will need attention but I think the E-brake should work (I haven't tried it yet). The shifter is original and still has the reverse lock-out lever/trigger. The cab floor is very solid...the rubber floor covering is long gone. The battery tray is/has rotted away over the years but the access door in the floor is in great shape. The seat is in good condition (bottom and back). The headliner and divider ribs are all intact. This '46 has a clean Kansas title (with our business name printed on the front of the title by the state of Kansas).3-speed, 6-cylinder, extra original factory short block still in the crate, original handcrank to go with it, all good glass, a couple of small dents, no rust, generator & starter rebuilt, clean title, will run