Loughmiller Motors


Yes it runs and lot drives!! I have only driven the '68 on the lot since I got it. It was born with a small block V-8 and it has a Chevy 350 small block V-8 in it now with a column shifted POWERGLIDE behind it. This 68 is complete from bumper-to-bumper & ready to drive now as a rat rod or build it the way you want it...let's face it we all can't own Barrett Jackson quality cars!! It was born with that sixties Chevrolet light green color (HH) and it is that color today... but it is in need of a repaint. The interior is black & complete... but the bucket seats that are in the car will need recovered...I am not sure whether these buckets are original to the car or whether they are even '68 GM style seats... they look like '70s Camaro type seats. The 68 is in need of carpet and the headliner needs repair or replaced. The car was originally equipped with air-conditioning and the firewall suitcase unit is still intact but most of the rest the air conditioning components are missing. The front and rear chrome bumpers are in great shape and look to be new. The steering column has evidently been changed to a tilt column from a later model of vehicle because it does have a locking ignition switch in it that functions only to lock/unlock the steering wheel & shifter lever... The dash mounted ignition switch is what starts the car just as it did in 1968. The floors are very very good w/most of the floor still showing the original factory green color under what's left of the carpet w/just 3 spots of minor isolated rust. And the trunk is good also w/just a few small areas in the trunk that need patched. The dash pad is excellent and there are no extra holes cut in the dash & the instrument cluster is intact. There are 2 sets of keys that fit both ignition switchs and I would imagine one of those keys may fit the door...I've got to check it out. The truck deck does not have a lock cylinder in the factory hole... But that lock cylinder maybe in the car somewhere. It has a set of black bucket seats in it but they don't look original to me...they are the high-back bucket seats. The backseat looks terrific and the door panels are nice with the exception of speaker holes having been cut in the lower part of the doors. The body has some rust around the rear fender wells and down low behind the rear fender well openings and down low behind the front fender wells upfront. The Rocker on the drivers side has rust in it and the passenger side is pretty solid. The trunk deck lid and the trunk opening lip are excellent. You don't have to worry about the frame as it is very solid. All of the glass is good except for the windshield and it has a crack or two in it. The engine exhaust consists of a set of older headers with the old style cherry-bomb type mufflers with no exhaust pipes behind the mufflers. The '68 has power drums brakes front & back. The rear end is a 10 bolt but I'm not sure if it's a posi or not. The big majority of the chrome trim is either on the car or in the trunk. It has 17 inch rallies @ all four corners with center caps but I'm not sure whether or not it has all 4 beauty rings...the tires are just rollers. **** I will stage the car with several different wheel and tire combinations but the ralley wheel and tire combination will go with the car.