We do not purchase vehicles that have been crushed, only vehicles which have little or no damage. These vehicles have a good Kansas title now - just like yours - but with previous salvage title notation on the top line of the title because of this damage - good in any state - 100% ready for you to register and tag in your name without any hassles. We do NOT guarantee that vehicles will pass other states' inspections.

Even vehicles which have been stolen and recovered with no damage may receive a "salvage" title. A vehicle which has had a "salvage title" will show a notation on the new title that states "prior or rebuilt salvage." A "prior or rebuilt salvage" title will retain that notation for the life of the car--the notation cannot be removed. Normally once a vehicle is wrecked or stolen, the insured is paid off within two weeks. The insurance company becomes the owner of the vehicle. As a Kansas registered salvage buyer/dealer, we purchase these vehicles at special salvage auctions (salvage dealers only). Most of our theft recovery vehicles have no damage whatsoever.

Why don't the owners just get their vehicles back if there is no damage? Normally the last owner is given first chance to purchase the vehicle back from the insurance company, but in most cases the last owner has already bought another vehicle to replace the vehicle that was stolen from them. (If they do purchase it back, the vehicle retains a "good" title and not a salvage title.) If the last owner does not need the stolen vehicle with little or no damage, the insurance company becomes the owner of the vehicle (since they paid the insured for their loss). At that time, the insurance company must apply for a "salvage" title or "original" (good) title, depending upon the titling state options. Some states will let a vehicle retain an original title, others salvage only.