Loughmiller Motors



1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2x2 Aerocoupe, SOLD!, silver, light grey cloth interior, V-8, 305, auto, 2 door, ac, cruise, tilt, am/fm/, power locks & windows, 89,000 miles

1979 Chevy Corvette, SOLD! brown, light tan vinyl interior, 350 V-8, 3 speed auto trans, T-tops, a/c, telescoping & tilt wheel, am/fm, power windows, 69,000 miles, locally owned

1979 Pontiac Trans Am, SOLD! blue, new radiator for big block engine, new exhaust, new paint & decals, new weather stripping, new heater core, all new interior, car was stripped to metal and refinished, has one ding in passenger door from a storm, comes with Pontiac 400 complete engine that needs rebuilt, has a newer 301 engine in it w/350 turbo trans, wheels have been painted and polished and clear coated, power windows, 136,000 miles, tires 75%, matched set, no rust, new floor pan (pass fr.), previous 4 speed car, 400 engine was original to car (not original motor), all glass good w/exception of small crack in windshield on lower driver's side, runs good, replacement VIN tag on driver's door jam w/original VIN (matches under hood, firewall tag), locally owned

1977 Chevy Corvette, SOLD! bright blue, medium blue cloth & leather combination interior, V-8, 350, auto, a/c, tilt & telescoping wheel, T-tops, am/fm, 52k actual miles, matching numbers engine & probably matching on the transmission

1977 Toyota FJ-40 SOLD! , red, black vinyl, 6 cyl in-line, 3 speed, 4x4, 2 door

1976 Chevy Corvette, SOLD! orange, medium brown leather interior, V-8 L82 350 (numbers match), 4 speed, T-tops, a/c, tilt & telescope steering wheel, am/fm, power windows, 73,045 miles, very nice, well-cared-for car, probably actual miles

1976 Plymouth Road Runner, SOLD! orange, black vinyl interior, 360 V-8 (original/original-type), auto, 2 door, originally had a/c - not on it now, am/fm, new tires, c-caps & b-rings - It's the next roadrunner body style to be the rage! - $3,850

1975 Chevy Nova SOLD!, red, white vinyl w/black carpet interior, 350 V-8 crate motor, 3 speed auto - $4,500

1974 Chevy Nova, SOLD!, maroon, tan cloth interior, in-line 6 cyl, auto, 2-door post, am radio

1974 Chevy Nova, SOLD!, 2-Door Post w/'72 front clip, dark green, black vinyl interior, 350 V-8, 350 turbo auto w/manual override, ratchet shift, am/fm/cd, new engine @ 40K, 92,000 miles now

1973 Chevy Camaro, SOLD!, red w/black stripes, black vinyl interior, 350 V-8, auto 350 turbo, 2 door, originally had a/c, local area car

1973 Chevy Corvette, SOLD!, red, saddle tan cloth interior, V-8, 350, auto, 2 door, T-tops, a/c, tilt & telescoping steering wheel, am/fm/cd, power windows, 98,000 miles

1973 Chevy Corvette - SOLD!, red, newer black interior, 350 V-8 (190 hp), auto (350 turbo), console shift, T-tops, a/c, am/fm/cd, solid non-removeable rear window, 106,000 miles

1972 Chevy Camaro, - SOLD! silver, black cloth interior, 400 V-8, auto (400 automatic), local car

1971 Chevy Camaro RS/SS, SOLD!, black, black vinyl interior, V-8, auto, had a/c at one time, comes with Ralley wheels & tires only; mags and/or Chevy stamped mags are available at extra cost

1971 Chevy Corvette, SOLD!, Ontario orange, tan cloth & vinyl interior, 350 V-8, 3 speed auto, a/c, tilt & telescoping wheel, am/fm, power windows, T-tops, like new tires, locally owned, matching numbers, everything works except the clock!

1971 Chevy pickup, SOLD!, dark green with ghost flames, grey cloth interior, V-8, auto, 2 door, sliding rear window, bed liner

1971 Ford Mustang Coupe - SOLD!, 302 V-8, auto, (73 front clip), Cragars & excellent tires, lots of new parts, floor pans repaired, body in primer w/good underlying prep work, ready for paint, we can have it painted for you w/a nice base coat/clear coat paint for under $500 [no, it's not a great Barrett-Jackson quality paint job, but it looks great at 10' - and let's face it - most neat old cards we've gone nuts over have been cars we've seen as they are running down the road 50-200' away and at 30-60 mph - and boy did they look great - just as a $500 paint job would. We've had several cars that were painted by this shop.]

1971 Olds Cutlass Supreme, SOLD! red-primered, 350 V-8, auto, 2 door hardtop, a/c, cragar style wheels - $4,200

1970 Chevy Camaro, SOLD! red, very, very nice original black cloth interior, no engine/transmission, 2 door, racing buckets & harnesses up front, nice interior, fiberglass front clip. We have grill, grill shell (urethane), right fender, upper & lower nose pieces, front bumper Very good floor pans and trunk pan, no rust outs in pans. Make it into a street or strip car.

1970 Chevy Monte Carlo SOLD!, black, black cloth interior, 350 V-8, auto, 2 door, a/c, am/fm, power windows (front & rear), engine has no carburetor and has a burned valve on one bank, locally owned

1970 Chevy Nova, SOLD! dark maroon, original black vinyl interior, 307 V-8, powerglide transmission, two door, 53,000 actual miles, one owner (original title)

1970 Dodge Charger 500, SOLD! , burnt orange, burnt orange vinyl interior, 2-door hardtop, 383 V-8, auto, a/c (not working), am/fm/8-track, 40,000 miles (possibly actual miles)

1970 International Scout, gold, white removeable top, 4x4, 67,000 miles, 304 V-8 w/3 speed, near original condition, but with the usual rust, it runs & drives great @ 65 mph or crawling at 2 mph in 4 Lo, bought it to make a rock crawler but it was too nice to cut up. Lots of extra parts.

1970 1/2 Ford Falcon, SOLD!,very nice rust-free body & pans, new medium/light blue paint, blue vinyl interior, 302 V-8, auto, 2-door post

1969 AMC AMX, SOLD!, primer grey, black vinyl interior, V-8, 390, auto, am radio

1969 Buick Skylark SOLD!, two-door hardtop, 350 V-8, auto, a/c, excellent green vinyl interior, runs & drives great, one-family owned, 90,000 miles

1969 Chevy Corvette Convertible SOLD!, dark green, dark green vinyl interior, 350 V-8 (matching numbers), 300 hp, auto, am/fm, same owner last 30 years

1969 Dodge Charger, SOLD!, orange w/white vinyl roof, white & maroon cloth & vinyl interior, 318 V-8 matching numbers engine, auto, console shift, 2-door hardtop, had a/c (not all there under the hood), good tires, 3 owners, ran one year ago

1969 Dodge Charger 2-Door Hardtop, SOLD!, originally bronze metallic paint w/black vinyl top, now primer, tan vinyl interior (bucket seats), V-8, 383 block (not in car & not assembled), power sunroof (very rare - only about 300 made with power sunroof), originally had a/c. MATCHING NUMBERS ENGINE. (The engine we have is the factory-original engine that came in this car in 1969.) We had picked up the car a couple of weeks ago, but had not yet checked the numbers. We got the original engine 8/15/07 and found that the numbers do match.

1968 Buick Skylark Convertible, SOLD!, red, black vinyl interior, 350 V-8, auto (2 speed Powerglide), 2 door, a/c (not working - all there and has some freon in it - switch problem - could work), we drove it home 375 miles at 65-70 mph, no problems

1968 Chevy Camaro, SOLD!, bright blue, black vinyl interior, V-8 327 (matching numbers), 2 speed auto, horseshoe shifter with console, tilt, am radio, new quarters

1968 Chevy Camaro, SOLD!, bright blue, light blue interior, 6 cyl, auto (2 speed), am radio, the wheels and tires shown are not included - rollers only

1968 Dodge Charger, SOLD!, 360 (originally had a 383 - we have located the original bare block from this car which could probably be purchased separately), auto, 2 door hardtop, originally had a/c but does not have it now, floor pans good, minimum rust in trunk, local car

1967 Chevy Camaro, SOLD!, red, black cloth interior, V-8 350 in it now, was originally a 327, auto Powerglide, local car

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, SOLD!, V-8, auto, fold-down back seat, runs (?), rusty but rebuildable, clone it to an "eleanor" -

1967 Ford Mustang, SOLD!, green, light green vinyl interior, V-8, 289 miles, auto, 2 door, am/fm, new tires, one owner (plus dealers)

1967 Plymouth Belvedere II, SOLD!, yellow, black vinyl interior, 383 V-8, auto, 2 door hardtop

1967 Pontiac GTO, SOLD!, true GTO by numbers ("242"), originally a 4-speed 400 V-8, currently a different 400 V-8 & 4-speed. Nice black vinyl seats - no rips or tears. Excellent headliner & good door panels. No carpet. Great floor pans (small bad area around driver's kick panel), trunk has some liveable/patchable rust, good dash bad (one crack at hump), medium blue (was originally misty green), black vinyl interior, 2 door hardtop

1967 Pontiac GTO Two-Door Hardtop, SOLD! true GTO, not a clone, magenta w/black vinyl top, black vinyl interior, 400 V-8, auto w/dual gate shifter, lot drives excellently, 2 door, am/fm, factory magnum wheels, strong engine, new exhaust, nice interior, no rust in floor pans [hit in right front]

1966 Chevy Chevelle, SOLD!, red, black vinyl interior, 5.7 (LT-1) 94 Camaro Z-28w/roughly 40K, auto (4L60E), 2 door, am/fm/cd, new tires, 7" ralleys, 4.56 gears in rear end (posi), rachet/lockout shifter

1966 Chevy Corvair, SOLD! maroon, tan interior, 6 cyl, 3 speed

1966 Chevy El Camino, SOLD! blue, blue vinyl interior, 350 V-8, auto

1966 Chevy Impala, SOLD! blue, black vinyl interior, 327 V-8, auto (350 turbo), 2 dr, a/c, tilt, new tires, alloy wheels, 112,000 miles, super nice, not a bondo bucket! [previously non-highway title due to stereo dash fire - car starts & runs & drives fine - drive it home - needs cluster/dash pad/dash wire harness]

1966 Dodge Charger, SOLD! yellow, black vinyl interior, 318 (wide block), auto, a/c, 72,000 miles, purchased new in Parsons, Kansas, same family owned it until late in 2004

1966 Ford Mustang, SOLD! red, beige & red vinyl interior, V-8, 289, 2 speed auto, originally had a/c, am radio, power steering & brakes, 4-barrel carb originally

1965 Chevy Corvair, SOLD!, yellow, black vinyl interior, horizontally opposed 6 cylinder, 2 speed automatic, 2-door hardtop, am radio, nearly new tires

1965 Chevy Impala Convertible - SOLD!, gold, black vinyl interior, V-8, auto, 2 speed powerglide, 2 door, power top, am/fm, locally owned, restored with new floor pans in 1980's, excellent driver

1965 Chevy SWB pickup, SOLD!, 283, alloys, 3 speed on floor, newer tires, 15" on 8" alloys, power steering, tilt wheel, black vinyl seat, new black carpet, I drove it home from Tulsa, almost paint ready or we'll paint it

1965 Pontiac GTO (2-Dr Hdtp), SOLD!, light silvery blue, medium blue vinyl interior, 455 engine (had 389 w/3deuces & 4 speed), 4 on the floor (no console - never had one)

1965 Ford Mustang, SOLD! black, black vinyl interior, 289 V-8, 2 door, early 1965 model - 1964 1/2, good driver (new pictures added 8/15/06) - $4,750

1964 Chevy Corvair, SOLD! maroon, black vinyl interior, 6 cyl (original type), dash shift, 2 door, am radio

1964 Chevy Corvair Coupe, SOLD! maroon, vinyl interior, 6 cylinder (original type - could be original), auto, dash shift, 2 door, am radio

1964 Chevy El Camino, SOLD! , red, grey cloth interior, 350 V-8, auto, 2 door

1964 Chevy Impala 2-Door Hardtop, SOLD! white, red interior, 327 V-8, 4 speed, solid car from top to bottom, ready to cruise

1964 Chevy Impala Two-Door Hardtop, SOLD! , orange with white top, light brown cloth interior, 327 V-8, auto, newly redone engine

1964 Chevy Impala Two-Door Hardtop, SOLD!, red, white vinyl interior, V-8, 327, automatic (Power Glide), a/c (not working), factory am radio, 14" like new tires, alloy wheels

1964 Ford Galaxy 500, SOLD!, red (original paint), red vinyl interior (original), 390 V-8, 4 speed, 2 door hardtop, am radio, like new tires, American racing wheels, 84,000 miles

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury 2-Door Hardtop, SOLD!, red, red/black cloth interior, 440 V-8, auto (727); see description for info on wheels

1963 Chevy Corvette convertible, SOLD!, primered (was red), red leather interior, 327 SHP 365 HP (from 1964), 4 speed, am/fm, car has both tops - hard & soft (soft top is black with discolored back window)

1963 Chevy Corvette Convertible, SOLD!, gold, factory saddle tan, original saddle tan interior, white top, matching numbers engine & transmission, 327 w/factory 3 speed, am/fm, clock, 73,000 miles (probably actual miles), locally owned

1963 Chevy Impala, SOLD! red, black cloth & vinyl interior, V-8 327, auto (2 speed PowerGlide), two-door hardtop

1963 Chevy II Nova 2-door Post, SOLD! black primer, light grey cloth interior, V-8, 350 (built), auto, new tires

1963 Ford Fairlane 500 Two-Door Hardtop, SOLD! new red paint, vinyl interior, V-8, auto (2 speed), am radio

1963 1/2 Mercury Marauder, SOLD! light pink w/mauve top & interior, 390 V-8, auto, 2 door, a/c, am/fm, one owner up to 58,000 miles but it still has 58,000 miles - last owner bought it four years ago from the original owners and put only a few miles on it. This car looks like new and has original interior that looks great. (There is a split in the dash.) Exterior is outstanding w/original colors "pink luster" & "frost" top

1961 Ford Thunderbird, SOLD!, 390, a survivor w/documentation, not rusted, swing-away steering wheel/column, solid body, ready to drive and enjoy now, original color, a/c, we drove it home from Tulsa, original white leather interior in nice condition, very nice car

1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible, SOLD!, white, medium blue vinyl interior, V-8 430 cu. in., auto, runs & drives, 4 door, power top, am/fm, power locks, windows & seats, local car, seat & carpet redone

1961 Willys Jeep Pickup, SOLD!, black, multi-colored cloth & vinyl interior, 302 V-8, 3 speed, 4x4, 2 door

1960 Chevy Belair, SOLD! 2 door post, six cylinder, auto, runs & drives, streetable, lights work, needs interior & paint

1960 Chevy Biscayne, SOLD! pearl white, light grey cloth interior, 348 V-8 w/3 deuces, 4 speed, floor shift, 2 door post, am radio, aftermarket alloy wheels, 92K original miles on body

1959 Dodge Coronet Four-Door Post SOLD!, two-tone pink, black & white interior, cloth & vinyl interior, V-8, auto (pushbutton 2 speed automatic), original condition

1959 Plymouth Fury, SOLD! black, light grey cloth interior, 383 V-8, auto, 2 door hardtop, am radio, swivel front seats

1957 Chevy Four-Door Hardtop, SOLD! bahama blue, 327 V-8 (66 model), auto 350 turbo, frame-off restoration started by local man (from whom we purchased the car), body is back on, will lot steer, 95% of parts with the car to complete it, lots of extra parts, completely rust free body & pans - $5,000

1957 Chevy Two-Door Post SOLD!, excellent dark green paint, nice light grey cloth interior, Belair trim, alloy wheels, 327 V-8, 4 speed, console shift, like new tires, great cruiser, great highway car

1957 Chevy 2-door Hardtop, SOLD!, red, red/black cloth/vinyl interior, V-8, 3 speed on floor, am/fm/cassette, new tires, rear air shocks, 15" alloy wheels, great driver w/style

1956 Chevy 4-door Post, SOLD!, maroon, later 350 V-8 w/3 speed on the floor, gauges, frame-off restored a few years ago w/nice paint, excellent floor & trunk pans, dual exhaust, very nice newer cloth interior (done very nicely with quality workmanship), good glass & nice chrome. Great driver, ready to enjoy now. Everything about this car is nice (not show quality paint but nice) with no surprises. Drive it home anywhere.

1956 Chevy Nomad, SOLD!, dusk plum/ivory, black & white original type interior, V-8 350, turbo 350 transmission, 2 door, a/c, am/fm, new tires

1955 Buick Special, SOLD!, 2-Door Post, red, multi-red vinyl interior (original interior - all there - needs refurbishing), V-8 (nail head), auto 2-speed Dyno Flo, dash is excellent, lots of chrome and color on dash, front & rear heater, am/fm, no rust in the frame, floorboards, trunk pans or body, just a good 20-20 car, paint is a six on a scale of 1-10, just a good-looking driver

1955 Chevy Belair Two-Door Post, SOLD!, black, light grey cloth interior, 327 V-8, 4 speed Muncie, ralley wheels, rust-free frame, excellent floor pans, nice nice daily driver, on a scale of 1-10 the paint is 7 1/2 - 8, excellent 20 footer, nice daily driver, drives great down the highway, nice solid car

1955 Chevy Nomad SOLD!, orange (original paint), white top, black interior, virtually rust-free, excellent fenders & inner liners, excellent floor pans

1955 Chevy Sedan Delivery, SOLD!, brown, dark brown & gold cloth & vinyl interior, V-8, 283, auto (400 turbo), 2 door w/lift hatch back, a/c, tilt, am/fm, power seat, same local owner since 1985, 2" drop spindles, late '70's or early '80's redo - but garaged ever since

1955 Mercury Monterey, light celery green with darker top, light green/cream cloth interior, original condition, 292 V-8, auto, 2 door hardtop, a/c, am, stored in garage for last 30 years

1955 Olds Super 88 2-door Hardtop, SOLD, turquoise/white, dark turquoise & white cloth & vinyl interior, V-8, auto, am radio, newer wide white-wall tires

1953 Buick Special - SOLD, green, vinyl interior, straight 8 overhead valve, auto, 4 door, newer tires, we have original owner's manual & dealer's brochure

1953 MG Roadster, SOLD, primered, vinyl interior, 4 cyl, 4 speed, 2 door, the '53 body is sitting on a later-model chassis & engine - $4,700

1952 MG Replica, SOLD!, black, maroon vinyl interior, 4 cyl, 4 speed, 2 door convertible (canvas top & boot), am/fm/cassette, 7,000 miles [has 1988 engine & drivetrain, rear wheel drive, engine is in front], fiberglas body with color in gel coat

1950 Studebaker, SOLD! burgundy, tan cloth interior, 6 cylinder flathead, 3 speed on the column, 4 door, new wide white wall tires, original wheels, 22,000 miles (may be actual miles)

1950 Studebaker Pickup - SOLD, super nice street rod, was yellow w/flames, we repainted it back to the original yellow, super cool brand new custom interior, 400 engine bored .030 over, which makes it a 406 stroker, auto turbo 350,column shift, 2 door, keyless entry, a/c, tilt, power locks. [rebuilt salvage title due to hitting a dear - light front damage, headlight area scrunched - repaired]

1949 Nash Super 600 - SOLD, bathtub car, 4 door, black, 6 cyl, three speed, overdrive, combination of original and restored, immaculate, showroom quality, like new in & out

1940 Plymouth Two-Door Sedan - SOLD, light grey (originally - may be original paint on it), tan cloth interior, interior is 100% intact and in unbelievable condition, the seats have/had seat covers on them since new and the original seat material is untouched in the back seat and nearly perfect in the front, all windows crank like it was 1940, all chrome & stainless is in superb condition, radio still comes on and hums - I guess it doesn't know any of the current songs, flat-head 6 cyl, 3 speed, am radio, unbelievable survivor, no rust!, stored for almost 50 years. You have to see this car up close!

1937 Pontiac - SOLD, black, sand cloth interior, flat head 6 cyl, 3 speed, one family owned, 2 door, six-window split back window, split windshield, running boards

1936 Ford Two-Door Sedan, SOLD, 350 V-8, all-steel body, crank-out windshield, buckets, alloys, gauges (oil, water & amp), tough nostalgia rod or rat rod, drive it and enjoy it now - it was the hottest car at the car show where I bought it

1930 Ford T-Bucket, SOLD!, red, black vinyl interior, 350, 400 auto, console shift, no doors, was on cover of CarCraft magazine in 1970's or 1980's

1930 Ford Street Rod 5-Window Coupe SOLD!, all-steel body (chopped/channeled/narrowed) w/fiberglas front fenders, custom paint and body (bright brandywine over blueish purple w/hot pink custom striping/graphics), removable hood & side louvered panels, '32 grill shell & grill, all gauges w/tilt wheel & custom steering wheel, B&M Lockout Shifter, taupe cloth & vinyl interior w/custom buckets & race harness. Engine - 383 stroker w/471 B&M blower & nitrous, billet specialty valve covers, coated headers Edelbrock carb, Mallory Uni-Lite ignition, Holley red pump. Transmission/suspension - 350 Turbo w/deep finned aluminum pan, hooked up to a 9" Ford 4-Link w/coil overs, w/aluminum third member, 4 wheel discs, drive shaft loops, dropped straight axle front end. All rolling on Convo Pro Centerlines w/31x16.50-15 LT Mickey Thompson Sportsman Street Slicks & 16.5x15 front tires. This car is a real attention getter. Pro-built all the way.

1929 Ford Two-Door Sedan, SOLD!, black, red cloth interior, 351 V-8 (Windsor), auto, 2 door sedan, tilt wheel, am/fm/cassette/cd, great cruiser

1924 Dodge Bros. Four-Door Touring Car, SOLD!, black, black cloth interior, 4 cyl, 3 speed, 4 door, 2 piece vented windshield, soft top, running boards, 20" good whitewall tires, 20" solid disc wheels, silent starter (generator/starter combo), great parade car or advertisement for a business

1923 Ford Model T - SOLD, black/yellow, 4 cylinder, standard transmission, made into truck